Individual & Marriage Intensive Counseling Retreats

Accelerated Counseling For Busy Individuals and Couples

6 Months of Healing in 3 Days

Strengthen Your Cherished Relationships

Heal From
Past Wounds

How Long Have You Felt:


Exhausted from trying to change yourself


Something needs to change


Frustrated in your relationship

Syrona’s Intensive Counseling Retreats:

3 Days Instead of 6 Months

Our approach allows you to make meaningful progress in a few days instead of several months.

Get Past Your Trauma

Many who have experienced trauma get stuck in unhealthy patterns of self-sabatoging. We help you work past your trauma.

Get To the Root Issue, Quickly

The Syrona method provides a safe space to quickly get to the root issues that made you sought out therapy in the first place. 

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How Counseling Retreats Work

Counseling Retreat Services

Counseling Retreats for Individuals

A 3-day counseling retreat to fully understand yourself, address the issues, and experience growth.

Counseling Retreats for Couples

A 3-day counseling retreat to focus on each other. To heal & to grow, together.

Getting Started With A Counseling Retreat:


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Joel and his wife saw several marriage therapists and nothing seemed to work until they went to a Syrona counseling retreat with his wife.

Del & Carol’s story of separation & finding hope after their counseling retreat.

Syrona Certified Therapists

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Dr. Termary Hernández

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Sandy Waite

Fae Foster

Fae Foster

Why People Choose Syrona Intensives for Counseling

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We Provide Intensive Counseling Services For


Social Anxiety




Not Liking Yourself


Lack of Purpose


Lack of Confidence


Depression; loss of interest, lack of motivation, feelings of hopelessness, emptiness


Grief, Loss, or Bereavement


Self Doubt


Self Improvement and Discovery


Difficult Life Events


Commitment Issues


Panic Attacks




Feeling too much or too little


Stress overload


Relationship Counseling




Life Transitions


Flashbacks/PTSD/Acute Trauma


Lingering effects of childhood trauma as an adult


Abandonment/Rejection Issues


Body Image


Bipolar Disorder






Shame Issues


Trust Issues


Premarital counseling








Marriage Problems; growing apart, infidelity, divorce


Anger: Too much/Too little


Big Transitions; going to college, getting married, having children, retiring


Problems with Guilt; too little, too much


Parent/Adult Child Issues

How Do I Know if a Counseling Retreat is Right For Me?

A Counseling Retreat might be for you if:

  • You are, or have been, in therapy, but frustrated because you aren’t getting to your CORE issues.
  • You normally consider yourself to be a high-functioning individual, but something in your life has you knocked off your emotional feet, you’re scrambling – and you want to deal with it right away.
  • You need more time than one hour of therapy a week to delve into painful, emotional material.
  • You have the time and financial resources to have three or four consecutive days, one-on-one, with a highly-trained, senior-level psychologist.
  • You want intensive, high quality couples therapy to identify and repair whatever painful ruptures that are harming your relationship.

A Counseling Retreat might NOT be for you if:

  • You don’t feel ready (or willing) to deeply explore your life experiences and experience the emotional discomfort that might accompany this journey.
  • You are unsure about whether you want to fully open up and engage in the therapy process.
  • You are in a degree of emotional crisis where you don’t feel safe or stable enough to manage unsupervised time after therapy ends for the day.
  • The extended time and financial fees required for a counseling retreat would cause you an undue level of burden and stress.
  • If you want couples therapy, but there is active violence, drug, or alcohol use in the relationship.

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Accomplish months of traditional therapy in about 3 days with our counseling retreats

Dr. Kelly is the absolute best! The techniques she uses in her intensive therapy sessions are incredible. I have learned so much about myself in all of my therapy sessions. I am on such a bright path for my future, and I am a better person today because of Dr. Kelly. If you are struggling with your inner self, a relationship, etc. I would strongly suggest you reach out to Dr. Kelly today.

Past Individual Client

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Syrona Counseling Retreat cost?

Syrona’s intensive therapy retreats range from between two and four days.  You can choose how many days you want to attend, and typically we discuss this during the consult call.

**Payment Plans Available**

    Individuals & Couples Retreat Rates

    • 2-Day – $1800
    • 3-Day – $2600
    • 4-Day – $3200

    Half-Day Sessions

    • 3 Hours – $375 (morning or afternoon)

    Rates for Dr. Kelly (Limited Availability)

    • Individual – $1500/day
    • Couples – $1600/day


    What’s included in the price?

    Included: Snacks, beverages, and lunch.
    Not included: Airfare, hotel or transportation.

    What is the follow up after a counseling retreat?

    We offer follow-up tele-health sessions after your counseling retreat, but due to inter-state licensing laws and time constraints, we can not take clients on as regular, weekly clients.

    This is why we recommend that you have a primary therapist if you will benefit from on-going therapeutic work after your retreat. Some of our retreat clients return for half-or full-day “tune-up” sessions if wanted or needed.

    If you do have a primary therapist, we provide professional consults before and after your counseling retreat, to create a seamless transition – in and out of the retreat – for both you and your therapist.

    I have never been in therapy before. Can I still attend a counseling retreat?

    Yes. While most of our clients either have had, or are in therapy. We love working with clients who are new to the whole therapy experience. A counseling retreat is an immersive therapy experience. It works best for those who are able and willing to be reflective and curious about their feelings, thoughts, and memories. For many of our clients who haven’t had therapy before, they tell us they love getting started this way, and they do great – they don’t know therapy any other way!

    Is a Syrona Counseling Retreat just another form of talk therapy?

    No. Most people attend a counseling retreat so they can move beyond talk therapy. Most of our clients need help to shift the automatic and dysregulated aspects of their emotional functioning into a more functional and regulated state. So while all counseling retreats include a mixture of education and some talk therapy, the experimental work is focused on both “top-down and body-up” techniques and approaches.

    What happens in a Syrona Counseling Retreat?

    When you arrive, you will be greeted by your therapist and shown around the office. Your favorite drinks and snacks will be there waiting for you. You will settle in, and the day begins by getting your wish list identified: we explore what you most would like to accomplish over the course of your intensive retreat.

    We then proceed to the day-long process of getting to know you – what is your emotional blueprint? We thoroughly go over your timeline – the first two decades in particular, but often going over each decade of your life.

    At the end of the day, we write up a summary of your unique personality functioning – the vulnerabilities you were exposed to in childhood and the specific coping and defensive strategies you learned to use for managing your emotional life.

    The second and third days are the “working days”. As highly trained trauma therapists, we customize our extensive therapeutic toolkit of techniques and experiential interventions to what YOU need, based on what we learned doing your timeline. We use a combination of top-down and bottoms up approaches, meaning that we work with your whole experience of being you. That is, how do you think, feel, and react, and why?

    Most people come to intensives because of issues in their relationships, either with significant others or themselves, and often both! So during your intensive, we help you access powerful and profound levels of self awareness and compassion.

    The third day continues the work but often focuses on practicing and applying what has been learned. We spend time helping our clients understand how an emotionally intelligent and mature adult thinks, feels, and responds. We practice using engaging exercises that have you engaging with yourself and others from your adult mindset.

    This sets you up to walk away at the end of your intensive not just knowing what your adult mindset is, but having the felt sense of recognizing when it is fully operational (and when it is not). And knowing this is profoundly powerful.

    Since you don’t take insurance, can I bill my insurance out-of-network?

    You are welcome to submit the invoice for reimbursement but in our experience, very few insurance companies will reimburse more than one hour of psychotherapy a day. Some of our clients have had success receiving partial reimbursement by working with a case manager, but in general, we tell our clients that the Syrona Counseling Retreats are not a covered service at this time.

    Many successful people and couples struggle to overcome their issues because they feel they should be able to do it alone. That’s why we created counseling retreats to get months of therapy in less than a week. This way you get the help you need, learn the skills to prevail and get back to living a healthy successful life.