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“Nothing really prepared me for the sheer amount of insight and understanding I gained during my Intensive. I laughed, I cried, I got clear. And I found my way out with the compassionate and talented guidance of a true professional. Thank you Syrona.”

~46 year old male

“Dr Hernandez is a miracle worker and a life saver!!! Her ability to read the room, empathize, relate, dive into things, push you to places that show you things you didn’t think about despite knowing the events is unparalleled. Its clear her passion for helping people, and her passion for her own self discovery go handing hand. Best therapist I have seen!


“I was truly blessed to find the Syrona website and Dr. Kelly’s expertise! After the prescribed 4 full day intensive sessions, I truly experienced quite a few WATERSHED moments and discoveries about myself, my psyche, and TRUE self. Thank You Dr. Kelly!


“We can honestly say, calling Syrona was one of the best decisions we made. We were blown away by this experience. It was literally life changing. The understanding, empathy, insightfulness, and professionalism by Sandy and Termary was astonishing. Not only did they save our relationship….it saved us as individuals.”